April 6, 2013

A Gift To Give: Macarons

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I tried my first macaron when I was in Paris two years ago and found them decadent and sophisticated. While they are not my go-to treat, I can't help but admire them in the store windows when passing by. As a gift for my friend's belated birthday, I gave her a box of the brightly colored cookies which I found challenging to pick out - do I base the selection on colors or taste? A lavender cookie is pretty to look at, but does a lavender cookie taste yum? Afterwards, I saw these macaron trinket boxes featured in the magazine I work for and thought these would be a great gift to go alongside the cookies. So if you are ever in need of a quick gift idea, grab a box of edible macarons and a trinket box in a pretty color and you are set to go!
Macaron Trinket Boxes

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