April 12, 2013

Watercooler Wear

I just read this great article about dressing for work: how matching the clothing you wear with your work environment helps maintain character and focus. It says, "donning symbolic apparel can alter our thinking style in beneficial ways that are consistent with the meaning that the clothing holds for us. So whatever project you’re currently working on, consider dressing for that role. Think what clothing symbolizes the attributes you need to succeed and wear those threads while you work." Read the full article here.
I work in sales at a magazine and the dress attire is business casual which is great because I don't have to be stuffed in a suit and can get away with colored denim and nice shirts. However, those days when I throw on a blazer really do put me in a more focused mood and I find I'm more productive. Below are some items that, for my position, help get me into that office mindset.
Rosie Two-Button Jacket
Origami dress in wool crepe