May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

First things first - my previous post basically translated to 5 of 4 instead of 4th of May. That has since been fixed. Don't think any less of me.
Other than that, these weekends are the most necessary two days I can be given. I don't know how they pass so fast or why it's only two days (I mean, shouldn't it be a four day work week and a three day weekend? Who was the asshole that decided five days was necessary?) Anyway, here's my weekend recap.
  • Friday I was planning on going to sleep at 9pm but then my friend invited me over for dinner and we started a Law and Order SVU drinking game and well, I didn't get home until late and I'm okay with that.
  • Saturday morning I took my Casey girl for a long stroll (she's my dog by the way) and I decided that I'm going to become more of a morning person because it's just so nice at that time of day.
  • Saturday evening I met up with my friend from Friday for the aforementioned Quatro de Mayo fiesta and here are some things I already knew about myself and life but were reinforced this night:
    • That no matter what, under almost any circumstance with the exception of work every morning, I will always be running late. Even when I plan ahead. Even when I wake up early that morning. Even when I don't have a lot of stuff to do during the day. I will be at least 15 - 45 minutes late. I have not accepted this personal fault and continue to work on it, but I mean, it just blows my own mind how I cannot get to a place on time, let alone early.
    • It is barely acceptable in college to walk barefoot home from a night at the bars, but, because it is college, it can be written off as "oh, just something I stupidly did that one time" and the judgment from that night gets expunged the next morning over chocolate chip and banana pancakes in the Newing dining hall because, well, it's college. It's almost like a rite of passage for a female student to walk home barefoot at least once because her heels were killing her feet. This is something that I have proudly never done. So when you're now considered a grown woman, walking barefoot, when the night is only just beginning, through Central Park, where the cars are zooming past, I am allowed to judge you openly and freely. There are things I wish I can relive from being at school almost on a daily basis, but that is not one of them.Which leads to my next point.
    • Wearing flats when you're going out at this point in life is crucial. I learned it in school via flip flops (lessons have been learned) and I continue to practice that to this day, only with flats. A bag big enough to fit the flats when your wearing heels and the heels when you're wearing flats is also crucial. These bags exist, which means there is no excuse why your only option is barefoot through Central Park.
    • I was standing in a circle with my group of friends, with an overpriced pomegranate and hibiscus margarita in hand, wearing the heels that I brought (flats tucked snugly in my bag!) and I almost twisted my ankle. From just standing there. Which proves that I am a hazard to myself by just existing.
  • Thing I pondered while riding the subway home at 3 am:
    • First of all, why are there kids on this train? Kids in strollers, kids in pajamas, kids passed out against their parent's shoulders, kids drinking soda. What is going on? It's practically past my bedtime and I'm twenty-two. This needs to stop.
    • This picture. Is this really a problem the MTA faces so often that they need to document a warning? Is this why my commute takes forever in the morning "due to a police investigation?" Also, please note the attire on the person they used to model this problem. That they reinforce men in hoodies doing this instead of men/women in suits going to work. I mean, I think the men-in-suits-going-to-work image would make more sense. Have you ever experienced the 6 train at 8:57am? Sardines on store shelves have more room than us, so it would make sense why men would have to start riding outside the train to get to their goddamn destination.
  • Sunday was a lazy day, as per usual on Sundays. I crashed at my friend's place, bitched about annoying people to each other, went to IKEA, and read more of my book. I was hoping to have it finished soon as I have two more books to go through, but I'll give myself a little more time.
I'm counting down the days until next weekend as my college roommates are all coming into the city and I. CANNOT. WAIT. The last time we were altogether was in February and before that was November, so I'm am long overdue for hanging out with them. I knew how much I would miss them after we graduated, but I can't believe how much the absence of someone/group of friends could hurt. Anyways, to say I'm excited for next week is an understatement. Countdown to Saturday: 6 days.

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