June 19, 2013

23 Years

I was planning on writing some long winded post on the perks of turning one year older, maybe throwing in a few complaints as well. Because at twenty-three years old (entering my twenty-fourth year) isn’t there a lot to say? Yes and no.

Yes, because I’ve lived a pretty full and satisfying life thus far. I’ve done every single thing that I have wanted and was expected to do. High school came and went. College came and went. I could dedicate a whole week’s worth of writing about those two periods of time in my life. How high school gave me friends that I am still close to today, how there were personal highs and a few lows, how I learned to be ambitious, studious, and most importantly, resilient. College gave me the best four years ever, between being in a co-ed setting for the first time in four years, living on campus and then in my own apartment with my best friends, all my incredible friends, ballroom dancing, studying abroad, and, most importantly, being as confident as ever. And then I graduated and entered post-grad limbo. I’ve lucked out with landing a job straight out of school, but the confusion of not knowing what I want to do, what career path to go on, etc. etc. etc. clouded over this past year. Confidence? Gone. Easy going and laid back personality? Replaced with being high strung and tense. While I’ve been optimistic and hopeful that everything will fall into place, I’ve also been miserable, catching my sad expressions in the dirty subway windows. I’ve begun complaining about everything, even complaining about complaining itself (that is a lot of complaining, people.) All of this to say: enough. Twenty-two was filled with excitement, sadness, nostalgia, anticipation and the good kind of nervousness, deep love then rejection, hope, recovering, misery, tears, happiness, more hope, more tears, and gratefulness. All are normal emotions for a young adult, yes, but I feel as if I got lost somewhere in there. Twenty-two was choppy waters. Twenty-three will be smooth sailing.

So, at twenty-three years old, is there really a lot to say? No, because it is as simple as this: What you focus on, magnifies. And everything will be okay. Patience is crucial and timing is everything. Keep yourself open to the endless possibilities of what is waiting. Time is flying but there is nothing that can be done to make it slower. And yet, there is still so much time to be had, so much time to do whatever you want. Be kind; be nice. Everything will be okay.

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