June 20, 2013

DIY: Dresser Box

This DIY is like wrapping a gift. Translation: Anyone can do it. All it takes is a small amount of time (it took me about twenty minutes) and some patience. I had leftover fabric sitting in my basement desk drawer and used it for it's sentimental value - this is the fabric my mom used in my room as soon as I entered the toddler years: she made curtains, a bed skirt, decroative pillow cases, doll clothes, all with this fabric and still had some left over. I'm using this box to showcase some jewelery I received for my birthday and decided to add some rocks at the bottom to level everything out. You can do whatever you like with your box!

A wooden box or any kind of container
Craft glue
A paintbrush (not pictured)

First, measure the box to make sure you have enough fabric; you want to make sure that you have extra. If you can, paint a few layers of white on the box. I didn't have white paint available and so I double layered the material so the red paint didn't show through. Next, paint craft glue on the box, one section at a time, and add the material on top, making sure that it is smoothly applied so there are no air bubbles. Fold the fabric inwards, toward the middle of the box. You may have to cut some of the fabric to fit around the edges. It's okay if it's not perfect. After the entire box is covered with fabric, cut the remaining fabric and make sure that everything is glued down. Let it dry for a few hours and then add anything you would like to your new DIY box!

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