July 3, 2013

Random Musings

Experience some random musings and useless facts with me:

  • At work, I always apply makeup at my desk. Because a half-awake me in the morning would come into the office with a clown face otherwise.
  • I was told that the beige heels I'm wearing don’t match my outfit (blue lace skirt, white top.) Now, I'm no expert, but I'll tell you this fun little truth. Beige heels/flats match with everything. Everything. You hear me?
  • It's full on Royal Baby Watch and I couldn't be more excited. Last time I was in London, it was just two weeks before the Royal Wedding and I desperately wish I could go back now. Not just for royal baby, but, you know, a little bit because of Royal Baby.
  • Tomorrow I am going up to my friend's house in Westchester for a BBQ and fireworks. I'm planning on whipping something up in the kitchen, though I'm not sure just what yet. Maybe this or this
  • What is better than Froyo? Do-It-Yourself Froyo. I'm having some this evening.

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