July 23, 2013

Stone Cold Heart

Forgive me for the lack of quality in these photos. I snapped them on my iPhone before I went to sleep last night so the combination of laziness and lack of natural light was just not in today's post's favor. 

Anywho, here is a closeup of the necklace I bought when I was in Cape Cod a little under two weeks ago. It was a bit pricey, about $30 which is more than I usually spend on jewelery* but I was willing to splurge since I really liked it, since my other friends bought one and I thought of it as an unofficial friendship necklace, and since it will always remind me of reuniting with friends I haven't seen in two years. It also serves as a reminder that a small bit of effort (reaching out to say a simple hello) can bring people together again. I think it's important to support small business owners and the story behind this women's business is pretty awesome - she uses all heart shaped rocks she finds on the beaches and creates various jewelery and items with them. I've been wearing this necklace a lot these past few days and find that I unconsciously reach for it throughout the day. It sort of makes me really happy. 

*unless it's fine jewelry - then I spend significantly more

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