August 15, 2013

Daily Snapshot: Michael Kors Leather Goods

I walked past a second hand consignment shop on Third Avenue at the end of my lunch break and ducked in on a whim. I may have stated before that I'm not a fan of thrifting, but that doesn't mean I still don't like browsing. The clothing they were selling was all designer wear and even though second hand and being sold at a fraction of the original price, still fairly expensive. As I was leaving I spotted this gem on one of the mannequins: a soft as butter black leather cross body satchel from Michael Kors. It was $40 with an additional 10% off. Hubba hubba. I decided to leave it and if I still thought about it throughout the rest of the day, I would go back. I did end up returning and it was still there, a sign I took that it needed to be mine. And now it is. 

*I'll try to take nicer pictures of it.

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