August 13, 2013

DIY: Wineglasses

A fun little craft that takes less than an hour on a lazy Sunday is drawing on wineglasses. I went to Home Goods and picked up a set of four wineglasses and used a black Sharpie marker that I had at home. I used phrases I found on Pinterest and carefully wrote on the glasses in free form, after practicing on some bits of scrap paper. Next time, I am planning on using colorful puff paint, to spruce it up and give it more color, verses the sleeker vibe of a black marker.

Wine Glasses
Sharpie / Paint

Make sure to wash all of your glasses prior to painting on. After practicing on scrap paper what you plan to write, carefully write on the glasses. If you make a mistake with a sharpie, you can wet a napkin and smudge it away. Make sure not to write to close to the opening of the glass. Let dry for a few minutes.

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