August 27, 2013

Organization: Sugar and Paper

I'm a sucker for all things organization and ironically, I overwhelm myself by having too many notebooks filled with to-do lists, life goals, daily inspiration thoughts, and ideas. One day I'll collect and consolidate all of them, but until that day comes, I'll be lusting over items from Sugar Paper
  1. A cute birthday card turns getting one year older into becoming another year wiser
  2. Coasters to lay your drinks on for any celebratory occasion
  3. Keep track of time with this sleek desk calendar
  4. Never leave home without a notebook to jot down ideas
  5. A note card splashed with anchors are necessary when mailing out a friendly hello
  6. Black and white wrapping paper creates a perfectly wrapped gift (which is just as exciting as the present within)
  7. Pretty thank you cards to show your gratitude
  8. Stay on top of things with this to-do list.

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