December 11, 2013

A Gift To Give: Christmas Gifts For Her 2013


The holiday countdown is on and I’d like to think that I’m practically done with my Christmas list. Above are gifts that I know I would like this year, so hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration on what to buy for the gals in your life. Please note: A lot of these items listed are expensive/branded items. When I shop, I always go for the sales and with coupons because I don’t believe in paying full retail price, whether it’s for others or for myself. Again the above items are for inspiration, unless of course, you want to splurge and go all out. Cheers!
  • Jewelry is always a great gift to give, and there are so many different bracelets out there that you can buy to the gal you're gifting to
  • I would splurge on quality leather wallets since they're such a staple.
  • For the photographer, a cute bag that functions as both a camera bag and personal post is a necessity. I had this one on my birthday wish list, but I like the sleek look of the one above
  • A Marc Jacobs rose gold watch is the perfect accessory to keep you looking sophisticated and trendy.  
  • Music is life to me and nothing compares like quality headphones where it feels like there's a private concert in your ears.

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