December 30, 2013

Restaurant North

This past Friday, my boyfriend took myself and two of his engaged friends out to dinner in Armonk since we will both be in Ireland for their engagement party in early January. He wanted to go on the fancy side which I was secretly thrilled with because as much as I love hopping from dingy dive bar to grimy underground music bars (you're only in your twenties for so long so I'm taking advantage of my tolerance for glorious filth) I also crave fancy sit down dinners because they happen so rarely. We chose Restaurant North to treat the betrothed (side note: when did people around my age start getting engaged? I'm not ready for this) and man, was it fancy. They don't post the menu on their website because, get this, it changes* every day. They completely remove all utensils and plates after the first course and bring you an entire new set** of silverware and dinnerware for the entree. I was so impressed that I would have shamed myself by taking a picture of my entree hence the obscure fox image. So if you're looking to really treat yourself and drop a bucket load of money, you should definitely come here. Oh, the food is delicious by the way and not something you would normally get at any other restaurant because, I repeat, the menu is tailored to something new each day. Bonne journée***.

**fancy fancy
***French is fancy

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