January 24, 2014

Cold Winter Necessities

It’s fairly cold out there. And by fairly, I mean very. To keep warm when I have to brave the angry sharp winds, here’s what I’ve been wearing. The thick scarf has a pretty floral print and is from Forever21. The bag is also from Forever21 on super duper clearance sale and adds a bit of sophistication to my every day outerwear. I bought the hat at a random store in Chinatown which creates a pop of color block against my deep cranberry red Calvin Klein coat and Rosebud Salve is one of my favorite lip balms, especially in the middle of winter. Let’s talk about my new Coach wallet. It was a Christmas gift and I am head over heels in love with its black leather exterior and streamlined interior, keeping all my cards, cash, change, and personal documents organized and safe. I also managed to spill some foundation on it when I foolishly threw a bottle in my bag. Devastating! so now I'm looking into ways of cleaning it.

Stay warm, pretty people.

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