February 18, 2014

Ready For Not Winter

This is the current state of my neighborhood. New York has literally been transformed into Narnia. Just when I thought that we would have a few days break from the snow, I woke up this morning to snowfall. I'm not much of a winter person to begin with though snow doesn't bother me too much, but this seems like it's shaping up to be the longest winter ever and I'm about ready to move to Hawaii or the Caribbean. In other news, I started reading the Divergent series. I ate up the first book in a few days and was going to read a book in between Divergent and Insurgent so as to not blend the plots together, but then I grabbed the second book on my way out this morning and managed to digest the first 40 pages on my morning commute. Also, my Valentine's Day dinner on Friday was a success! Keep in mind that I consider not burning the kitchen down to be a success. We had two courses and a side dish and while they could have been better, the fact that two novices in the kitchen even attempted to create a dinner is a win in my book. I took some photos of our first course that I'll maybe share, since it's kind of pathetic looking. 

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