April 7, 2014

A Dress For Prom

So I might be way more excited than I should be about that fact that I am going to prom this year. I may be even more excited than I was at 17. With my boyfriend as a high school English teacher, I jumped at the chance to re-do prom even though I had a great time the two times I went when I was a senior (a guy friend took me to his prom and I took a friend of a friend of a friend to my prom.) While I won't be with my group of friends, nor will there be a limo involved, I'm still giddy with excitement to dress up and slow dance and maybe even slip some dancing juice into my soda. While I'll be looking at a dress and accessories that are far less expensive than the ones listed here, it was nice to look at BHLDN and dream up inspiration for my big night. Er, the graduating class' big night.

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