May 13, 2014

First Time Second Shooting


I’m a firm believer in just asking. If you want to try something, do something, go somewhere…just ask. I asked a wedding photographer friend from school if she needed any help second shooting her first wedding of the season…and she said yes! It was a quick turnaround and I had to rent a car - bus times just weren’t convenient and I couldn’t put 600 miles on our car – the wedding was in Binghamton. Also, if it wasn’t for my amazing mother who was willing to join me on the drive, I might have missed this amazing opportunity. I had a great time and found it to be a wonderful learning experience. Even though I was both physically and mentally drained afterwards, I left feeling satisfied, energized, and inspired. Hopefully I’ll get more opportunities to second shoot this summer. I had to give my memory card over and am eagerly awaiting it to be mailed back to me so I can look through them, see where I need to improve (practically everywhere) and post them up.

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