March 23, 2015

New York Spring Spectacular

So I got a little worried for a minute when I couldn't sign on from my computer since I forgot my password and life screeched to a halt. But everything is all sorted out and I seriously need to downsize how many different email addresses I have. In other news, I saw the New York Spring Spectacular on Friday. It was one of those rare evenings where everything just works out and the entire family was able to attend. I’m talking like twelve of us. I rushed over to dinner at a diner to meet with some of my family and then we speed over to Radio City to see the show. We had pretty great mezzanine seats, which we scored through Groupon,  and while the stage was far away, the angle to see the dancing was perfect. The Rockettes, unsurprisingly, don’t disappoint and the theatrics and graphics were amazing – over sized statues came to life and looked real and the different numbers were well thought out and cute. Was it a little cheesy? No, it was very cheesy, and they highlighted all the very touristy things about New York (Grand Central, Central Park, etc.), but the dancing was great, even though I wished there was more of it and less acting. Derek Hough held his own, but you can tell he is by no means a trained actor. He kept clapping his hands in between every single one of his lines, which I guess is a nervous actor thing? Obviously you can’t blame the guy since he was perfuming in front of a live 60K audience, but it was quite distracting. Overall, I would definitely recommend that you go see it!

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