May 15, 2015

May Updates

Screenshot from Instagram - source unknown
My favorite guy
Also grabbed form Instagram - also don't know the source
Candy that matched my shirt
My favorite girl
Here are a few snapshots taken from my camera roll. Random, but they tell the story of this month - the weather's been pretty awesome despite days of extreme heat and other days of chill. The cherry blossom tree in our backyard finally bloomed, lasted about a week, and then all the petals fell to make a pretty pink blanket in our backyard. I also like the snapshot of the clothes hanging from our next door neighbor - reminds me of Hey Arnold for some reason, or any other urban housing area. Some other things that have been going on:
  • My library card is filled with a ton of books on hold and six of them just became available. Hopefully I'll get to pick them up and read them all in time before their due date.
  • I finished reading The Paris Wife and thought it was a pretty delightful read. Now I want to read some of Earnest Hemingway stories, so I currently have a collection of his short stories on my desk and The Sun Also Rises waiting for pickup. I already read The Great Gatsby a few times, but I'm inspired to read other stories from writers of "The Lost Generation".
  • I started listening to podcasts. Why haven't I jumped on this train sooner? I'm currently loving Lewis Howes School of Greatness and downloaded tons of other podcasts. These have been helping me on my commute, since I don't usually pull out a book to read when I'm stuck standing up.
  • I've been catching up on a lot of career advice websites, and find articles on how to build a better resume, navigate office politics, etc. pretty fascinating.
  • I started doing a #30DaySelfPortraitChallenge on Instagram. I've been really good with not forgetting to post every day until...two days ago. Annoying, but I just double posted yesterday and moved on with my life. It feels incredibly vain, but I'm actually enjoying it.
  • While I'm not a Rangers fan, Phil is a huge one so it's been kind of fun watching the excitement of the Stanley Cup playoffs with him and his friends. Every time I watch with him they've won (they just came back from a 3-1 losing series to advance to the next stage) so he's begun to think of me as a good luck charm. I won't argue!

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