April 22, 2013

A Gift To Give: Dinosaur Candle Holder

I consider myself a fairly bad gift giver. Some people know exactly what to get a friend based on personality or inside jokes whereas I just cannot put into a gift the character of a friend. Usually I find the perfect present for someone when it is nowhere near their birthday/Christmas and then I grapple in the moment with purchasing it ahead of time/praying not to forget about it or passing on it and hoping to find something as good later. Although my friend's birthday was two weeks ago, we celebrated it this weekend and I tried to think ahead of what to give her - "think ahead" meaning purchasing something the night before verses running into a store ten minutes before I'm due to meet everyone. Maybe that's why I'm always running late? (re: blog title.) Maybe that's why I'm an awful gift giver!?!?

Anywho, this dinosaur candle holder is what I got my friend and I like to think it's the perfect purchase for her- she likes bright colors, dinosaurs, it can be a shelf decoration and who can't find use for a candle? Tealight candles sold seperately. Assholes. Or maybe she hates it and only pretended to like it when she opened it. The point being there really is no point. Which is perfect because this is a random gift on a random blog that nobody should be reading unless they are really bored. But hey, thanks for tuning in!

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