April 25, 2013

Choose Happiness

Small things making me happy today:
  • A new employment opportunity for a dear loved one
  • The apartment hunt is on. I made the mistake of bringing my mom with me to look at a studio in Brooklyn - as soon as we stepped out of the subway, she repeated one of two things the entire time: "No" and "Stephanie........no." Which was fine since the studio was really a crappy cramped space in a crappy neighborhood with the bathroom OUTSIDE in the hallway. Just...no. And a tiny kitchen which lead to more famous mom-isms: "The listing said it was a micro kitchen" - said I. "Micro? Try microwave because that's all that would fit in there" - replied mom in a snarky manner. Good one.
  • I booked a Swedish massage for the end of May. SO looking forward to that.
  • This weekend is a bar crawl benefiting a charity for autism so I'll be crawling around all Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • The Great Gatsby is coming out soon and there is Gatsby fever everywhere. I might pick up the book and re-read and maybe dedicated a week of posts to Gatsby. Pretending I'm Daisy Buchannon the whole time of course.
One more day until it's Friday. Thank God!

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