May 15, 2013

Daily Snapshot: Impulse Heels

It is with these Vince Camuto heels that I firmly believe shoes can make an outfit. Everytime I wear them, no matter how casual the rest of my outfit is, I automatically feel put together. I bought them a few weekends ago when I went to hang out with a group of friends. I came in jeans and a flannel shirt with ballet flats - they were in mini dresses and sky high heels. Something had to be done. The Payless around the corner had just closed for the night (re: the door was locked with one last customer in line and completely disregarded my sad frantic face to please let me in for five seconds to grab a shoe that was higher than a flat - a guaranteed purchase. But no.) So when a DSW was open on the East Side, I ran in. When my friend suggested clearance before I had time to look for the glorious sign, I knew we were official solemates (get it??) And so, these babies were mine on sale from $149 to $95 on clearance to $53. And since they have become a staple in my wardrobe, I would say its $53 well spent. They even managed to survive a banana exploding on them. But that's a story for another time.

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