May 16, 2013

Wake Up

Things Making Me Happy Today:
  • I'm donating a bunch of clothing in the hopes of getting a new summer wardrobe (I haven't been shopping in ages) and to organize my room. A clean room = a clean mind. I believe I've stated this before
  • Plans for this weekend are solidified. Happy hour drinks tomorrow after work and The Killers concert on Saturday night (WHOO!!!!)
  • I have a TON of new books to get through before the end of May. I finished Me & Emma and I'm almost complete with Jodi Piccoult's Harvesting the Heart. Up next is a David Sedaris book, another Jodi Piccoult novel, and Gone Girl. Just to name a small few
  • Tonight I'm planning on adding more songs to my Commute 2013 play list. It's the only thing that gets me through my morning commute (along with my books)
  • Macarons - they're so pretty to look at.
  • Today is my college's bar crawl and although I'm severely unhappy that I'm not there, my friend has been drexting (drunk + texting) me today so I'm living vicariously through him
And various links I stumbled upon today:
  • This article solidifies my love for Emma Watson
  • I'm not lazy (yes I am, no I'm not) and I'm fairly good at money management, but these tips and tricks are great reminders on how to unconsciously save money.
  • On that note, Finance Chic is a female friendly finance site. I'll be pouring through these articles

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