May 22, 2013

Dancing With The Stars: Season 16

Dancing with the Stars is easily one of my favorite T.V. shows. I was in high school when I started watching the second season and have seen almost every season since. It was the reason why I started dancing ballroom in college and more recently, the reason why I've been able to get through my Mondays. I find some of the dances inspiring, others very boring, I fast forward through the judges comments and have thoroughly enjoyed making fun of Brook Burke Charvet's (pronounced Char-vay) name on Twitter (she is just SO irksome!) My favorites include: Brook Burke Char-very annoying, Brooke Burke Char-vomit, Brook Burke Charvet-away from my T.V. screen, and Brook Barf Charvet. I'm excited to have a whole summer to think of a slew of new ones (season premier, I'm going with Brook Burke Oy Vey.) I don't have anything against her per say, I just think she needs to take some lessons from Tom Bergeron or Chris Harrision on how to be a great host. Anyways, aside that I'm going straight to hell for those nicknames, below, in no particular order, are my favorite dances from this season. Side note: I drool the first 45 seconds of the Sherlock Holmes Argentine Tango.
My God can he not dance. But he tried and you know what? I can stand behind that. 

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