May 23, 2013

May Wishlist

With Memorial Day right around the corner and this being a long weekend (fingers crossed I get a half day of work tomorrow!) I thought this is the opportune time to begin looking forward to summer styling. And so, below is my wish list for what I think would be the perfect beach outfit. I'm picturing myself lying on the white sands in East Hampton. Can I afford that bathing suit? No. Can I afford a summer rental in the Hampton's? Definitely not. Can I afford anything? Not really. Except maybe buying the friendships of people who can afford Hampton summer rentals. I'll see you on the Jitney.
Miu Miu 
  1. An oversized nautical bag (rope handle and all) is the perfect place to tote your sunglasses, sunscreen (SPF one million) and trashy beach novels.
  2. A soft peach colored bathing suit is ideal for not getting tan lines on your shoulders. Or in my case, red angry burn lines.
  3. A floppy hat paired with cat eye sunglasses makes you mysterious and alluring. It gives me exercise running after it when the wind blows it off my head.
  4. As stated above, cat eye sunglasses make you appear mysterious. These are two-toned and fabulous.
  5. While not ideal in the sand, these espadrilles match perfectly with the bathing suit and are comfy because of the wedge.
A cover up would be a great way to round out the list, but honestly, who would want to hide that bathing suit?

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