May 1, 2013


1.  You don’t need to have a plan when you get together with a friend.
You don’t need to have a party, an activity, or brunch you’re supposed to go to together. You can see a friend with nothing on the agenda, just wanting to get together and decide what you’ll do after. 

5. A true friend would say…
“Yeah, okay, maybe you’re right. You’ve gained a few. We’ll stop our Ben & Jerry’s x couch parties for three months.”
9. Sign of a true friendship: After three minutes of no one saying anything in a conversation, no one feels embarrassed.

11. Some profound friendships can be formed in three minutes, other superficial ones can take years.

13. Sign of a true friendship: Even after not seeing each other for three years, you feel like you’re picking up a conversation you didn’t quite finish the day before.

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