May 2, 2013

Grey Dog

Last week after work, my friend and I were going to go to Grand Central for our traditional cheap beers (this happens more than I care to admit, but you know what? It's fun and we're classy broads) and instead, I requested a spontaeous trip into Brooklyn to look at an apartment. Bless her, she not only said yes but seemed enthusastic about it (insert overused Sex and the City quote: "Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates.") Anyway, the apartment was beautiful but way too expensive and in a kind of crappy neighborhood. *Le sigh* Afterwards, we traveled back uptown and grabbed dinner at the cutest little cafe called Grey Dog. A dim-lighted, exposed brick, hole-in-the-wall, it was smushed with people and we got a table in the back crammed between a couple on an awkward date and a family of tourists. My sandwich of turkey, brie, apple, and raspberry mustard (the #7 if you must know) was delightfully delicious. Obviously I took a crappy iPhone picture and am now sharing it for you to see because I know how much you care. Isn't your mouth watering? Brieeeeeee.

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