May 31, 2013

Grease, Graduation, And Babies

As evidenced this past week, I took a lot of pictures. And I loved it. I'm so new to DSLR photography that it is overwhelming how much stuff I have to learn, but I have googled and pinned various articles on technique and am planning on reading, highlighting, and taking notes. I'm sure it would have been easier to take a course, but honestly, I love making things harder for myself and am taking on the "self-taught" route. That will be more rewarding in the long run, right? RIGHT???

In other news, Nicole is graduating from high school this weekend, hence the obscure Grease reference. Because when you think of high school graduation, the first thing you think of is that guy who strangely dances like a penguin near the end of the song (fast forward to 1:38.) Just you guess who is going to document the whole thing? No really. Take a wild guess. Me? You are correct, my friend! You must have went to college too (did you take photography course? Any tips??)

So that basically sums up my weekend. OH, and my cousins are coming in from Arizona with their new 5 month old baby. Just you guess who is going to document the whole thing? We won't play this game again...

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