June 3, 2013

Graduates, Turn Your Tassels

I remember my high school graduation like it was yesterday, when in fact, it was five years ago. Huh? How does that even happen? Where does the time go? One minute, I'm crying outside my tenth grade world history classroom in my white cap and gown while my friends shake their heads at me and the next minute, I've been in the work force a full year. But enough about me! It's not like this is my blog or anything. Sheesh, I should stop being so full of myself. Anyways, Nicole's graduation ceremony was really nice. It wasn't too long, but we got there kind of late and had to sit on the balcony with obstructed views (though this meant for some great paparazzi shots.) This may or may not have been my fault. I woke up a little too late and thought I could wash, dry, and straighten my hair in 15 minutes. Well, in less than twenty minutes, I was able to accomplish two and a half out of the three. So what if a small section on the top right of my hair was frizzy and curly? So what, when my mom pointed it out to a family friend, that she just mumbled "oh, you can't tell" and then slowly backed away from us? Nothing a few bobby pins couldn't fix.

Side note #1: The first picture was from a mass the night before. I was, without a doubt, worried that the flames from the candles in such close proximity to all the hairspray in the room was going to cause a minor explosion in the church.
Side note #2: It really bothers me how blurry some of these photos are. That will be taken care of asap.
Side note #3: All photos taken and (edited) by me!

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