May 16, 2013

Original Content

I began this blog to start writing again. I had a silly blog in college that I loved dearly although it makes me cringe when I look back at those old posts. While I felt pressured to come up with "look book" posts that displayed my daily outfit, the reality was that I was pretty boring. I stuck to jeans and knit tops the whole time. I wrote about my days and what I was doing and where I was going. I started writing and taking pictures of the crappy dinners I was cooking. It was nothing groundbreaking - grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken cutlets, displayed through crappy quality photos and bad lighting.

But I loved having a space that was my own. And then, a few months before I graduated, I stopped. Life became too busy, I felt like what I was posting was rubbish, and I was comparing myself negatively against all of the other bloggers that I admired. A few scattered posts sputtered out in the summer and early fall and then that was it.

I began working full time and I thought, once I move out into my own apartment, I'll get that creative spark and blog again. I'll have my own place where I can post interior design updates and DIYs. My closet will be more organized and I'll create a tip sheet on what to keep in your closet and when. Food posts? By the dozen! Apps and entrees, and deserts, oh my!

As it turns out, life doesn't happen the way you would like it to. I'm still living at home with my parents, I pride myself on my meticulous organizational skills and yet I have clothes scattered across my floor, half of which don't fit me correctly. The only food I make is tipping salt on top of whatever my mom just served. However, I don't like feeling bad for myself so despite the disarray, I'm determined to create a space like that again, a creative outlet if you will. If only so I can continue writing. And posting my favorite music. And sharing my not-so-original ideas. Because maybe the simple act of just doing it will set something off.

On Sunday, I'm planning on using my camera. I have no idea on what - maybe I'll take a walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood and snap the surrounding area or the people (which will certify me as a creeper.) Maybe I'll cook or bake something or create a DIY based off of a Pinterest pin. Maybe I'll pose and take a picture of myself in front of a graffiti wall (or maybe not.) I have no idea and it doesn't matter. The point is to just go. To create and capture anything. So here is to starting something bigger than yourself. 

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