May 21, 2013

The Killers Concert

On a last minute whim, I decided to go to The Killer's concert on Saturday night. They were playing at the Barclay's Center so I jumped on the 5 train and took it straight down. Because I got there early (gasp! It can happen sometimes!) I ran into the department stores that were across the street and bought some red lipstick since my sister seems inclined to never let me use hers. This was a mistake. I felt very clownish the rest of the evening but you know what? Ya live and ya learn. The Killers were awesome even though I only knew half of the songs they were playing, but it was fun to jam out and dance to the ones I did know. The drunk guy dancing on the stairs with a cane he "borrowed" from a random guy was also pretty entertaining.
You can see the whole setlist here.
Photos c/o my friend Emily.

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