May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap: One Year Since Graduation

I'm the one to the far right - HELLO! (My my, how I miss each one of these souls and that house and everything that came along with it.
This is what I would like to call the perfect weekend. Despite the fun plans, I had pretty low hopes for it. It's been one year since I graduated from school and I still can't shake the post grad blues. I don't mean for this blog to become a dumping ground for my depressive thoughts about missing school, but hey, a feeling is a feeling. You can't help them! I've been very fortunate from my graduation up until now and even though I'm very far from figuring out what it is that I want to do with my life, I'm remaining fairly optimistic and calm (*nervous laugh*). I must say though, why didn't they offer a college course in which they taught you how to find your dream job? Career Development Center, you are slacking! But weekends like these are the ones that give you that necessary boost, however small.
  • Friday was we went to happy hour. I met up with my friend Alex and after a quick burger, we went to The Irish Exit where she won free drinks from 6-9pm and the rest of us got 2-for-1 drinks (seriously, go here.) Some other friends met us after work and I felt so grown up hanging out with everyone in our work attire drinking cocktails. I've always liked playing dress up and pretend.
  • I wasn't planning on staying out late on Friday but then more friends came and before you know it, its 3:45am and we're having hot wings and beer at a dive bar near the 59th Street bridge. This is how life is supposed to be.
  • Saturday was The Killer's concert. But that's another post.
  • I bought some clothes Saturday morning. Four shirts and two jeans for under $100. This lady knows how to bargain.
  • Sunday I met my friend Mary for a late lunch at a diner and then we caught the movie Francis Ha at the IFC Theater on West 4th Street. Afterwards we stayed for a Q&A with director Noah Baumbach. The black and white movie was really good - funny, charming, and totally relatable. My friend wants to be Greta Gerwig. So do I.
  • Side note - you know diners are out of control when they charge you $5.50 for a single egg. I don't care if hash browns and toast are included. You should be ashamed of yourself Waverly "Restaurant".
I really wanna love somebody, I really wanna dance the night away
I know we're only half way there
But you can take me all the way, you can take me all the way
I really wanna touch somebody, I think about you every single day

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