May 14, 2013

Weekend Recap: Champagne Giggles

When you have two hours to consume as much champagne as you can between you and a best friend, things may get a little interesting. Here's what I did this weekend.
  • Friday night I rushed home and got ready to go see The Great Gatsby. While I wanted to "dress up" for the evening, I pretty much stayed in the same outfit that I had on at work (black denim cropped jeans and a white loose-knit sweater) but threw on a denim vest. My sister took my red lipstick (let's be real, it's her lipstick but I wanted to use it) with her for a dance competition she had, so I had no jazzy red lips. I think this might have been for the best.
  • I thought the movie was really good and Leo did a fabulous job, however, I found the soundtrack to be a bit distracting and grew weary of him repeatedly saying "old sport." Other than that and the length, I loved it (although Moulin Rouge is still my fave.)
  • Saturday morning I slept in and it was heaven.
  • Saturday afternoon I meet my best friend from Bing-y and we went to get brunch and champagne at PS 450. It was a swanky lounge/restaurant with great music and dim lights. For $30, in the span of two hours, you get endless champagne and an entree. I got some sort of eggs quesadilla (which was delicious) and a mimosas mixer. Needless to say we were both (very) giggly when we left.
  • We met up with additional friends in Times Square, bar hopped for the rest of the night, and I stayed over my friend's apartment in Hamilton Heights. I'm basically the unofficial fourth roommate on Saturday nights.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and I last-minute ran out to buy my mom earrings. Because I stayed over my friends, I didn't do the traditional breakfast in bed, but will hopefully make up for it this Sunday, as a belated Mother's Day/you're-just-the-best-mom-ever-so-have-some-breakfast-this-morning treat.
And now it's Tuesday, and I miss my friend. Counting down to next weekend!

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