May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Tonight I'm seeing The Great Gatsby and couldn't be more excited. Usually, we would go to the midnight premier but I'm glad we waited until tonight as it's something for me to look forward to while being at work. I'm extremely tempted to wear my black fringe dress, but I'll settle with red lips and jeans. Maybe I'll throw in some high heels to the mix, you know, to really jazz it up. I wish I re-read the book before tonight and the likelihood of that happening in the next few hours is painfully slim. So I'll have to settle with thinking back to my 11th grade lessons and just enjoy the movie for what it's worth. Side note: I'm a HUGE Baz Lurhman fan. Moulin Rouge is in my top ten movie favorites and I loved Romeo + Juliet though I have yet to see Australia. I probably won't so lets see if I can add Gatsby into the mix.

Ps. here's an article from Lucky for all you fashionista's out there that want to channel Gatsby in your modern day life.

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