June 4, 2013

Book Review: Girls In White Dresses

I heard of Girls in White Dresses through a friend and the fact that she recommended it before finishing it grabbed my attention. The fact that she said it is relatable to our lives today in the first few years after college had me sold. It was a quick read and absolutely wonderful. The characters are in fact, people you feel like you could be friends with. It's funny, it's charming, and made me feel less alone. Usually, when I read a book, any quote-worthy line that I like, I would write down in a purple notebook I keep. I didn't do it for this book, but wrote some of my favorite lines below, ones that I feel like were written about me. So maybe this isn't the best book review, but I like to keep things short and sweet: read it.

"She could feel herself getting sentimental, which she always was. Sometimes she missed people before they even left her, got depressed about a vacation being over before it even started." - Isabella

"She would have to see her friends and drink vodka and listen to them tell her it was for the best, that she'd be happier in the long run. She would exhaust herself, going out almost every night, deconstructing every part of her relationship with [him] until it wasn't hers anymore." - Abby

"She lived for one of them to say 'Nice job' or 'Thanks for the help.' It didn't come often, but when it did, it felt like getting an A. Or at least a B. And there was nothing that Mary loved more than getting good grades." - Mary

"'Listen, whatever you decide to do will be the right thing, ' Lauren said.
'How do you know?'
'Because if it wasn't the right thing, then you wouldn't choose to do it.'
'That doesn't make any sense,' Isabella said.
'Or does it make perfect sense?' Lauren said.
'Are you drunk?'
'Yeah, I think I am.'
'Good,' Isabella said. 'Me too. Let's order grilled cheese.'"

And that is why Lauren and Isabella are my favorite characters.

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