June 5, 2013

At The Library

I'm probably one of the last few people in New York who still goes to the library. I’m also probably the only one under 45 years of age that still goes to the library. What can I say, I love to read! Don’t get me wrong, I still buy books, but it’s usually only the ones that I love or that I know I’ll read again and again. I’m also considering buying a Kindle. But, other than that, the library provides me with limitless options, books that I can read that I know I’ll only read once. Books that I wouldn’t otherwise read because I wouldn’t want to buy them. I’m a proud frugal* person and take advantage of the fact that it is free to rent books. And yet, this is a love-hate relationship. Love, for reasons stated above. Hate, because I’m such a germaphobe when it comes to things other people have used. This is why I don’t thrift. I mean, some of those pages are dingy, man. I also tend to wash my hands after putting the book down because who knows where it has been (like the bathroom!?) Call the therapist, people! Another reason I hate it is because, as my blog title would kindly suggest, I can be late in certain situations and I despise getting slapped with late fees*. I stay away from the dvd section because I was one day late returning One Day (ironic much?) and I got hit with a $3.00 fine. $3.00!!! (If I could put a caps lock on numbers, I would.) Never again. For fear of being hit with a $0.25 late fee* for Gone Girl, I had to return the book only 1 chapter in, but never fear. I promptly put it on hold again. I picked up One Day (the book version,) a Chuck Palahniuk novel, Melissa Rycroft’s My Reality, and Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, just to balance out all of the modern fiction. Please don’t judge me on the Melissa Rycroft pick. The librarian had to suppress a laugh when she saw that one and honestly, I can't blame her. My attempts at hiding it between Jane Austen’s pages failed miserably and I was caught red handed. I just need a guilty pleasure, okay? I only like her because she was on Dancing With The Stars. STOP JUDGING! Who am I kidding? Even I’m judging myself for this one…


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