June 24, 2013

Cape Cod Visions

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Shoes to wear with both outfits:
I'm currently in the early stages of planning a long weekend in Cape Cod with my good friend. We've decided on Cape Cod for numerous reasons, one being that it's a realistic destination for the shortness that is a long weekend (the name is deceiving; don't let it fool you) and more importantly, two of our very good friends that we met while studying abroad in Florence live in Cape Cod and we haven't seen them in two years. So while we're currently messengering each other back and forth, I have visions of myself prancing around the beach in the above outfits. Please note, that these remain visions, as I have not the money to purchase and then wear such cute clothing. The prancing, however, will in fact still happen, despite my friend's horrified protests. 
  1. Alice + Olivia Butterfly Shorts
  2. Via Spiga Rolanda Sandal

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