June 13, 2013

Mama Spa

On Sunday, to kick off my birthday week extravaganza, I treated myself to a Swedish massage at Mama Spa. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't quite aware of what that entailed until the it was too late. Regardless, it was awesome, and just what my sore shoulders and knotted back needed. Riding the subway twice a day, almost every day, with a heavy bag on one shoulder really takes it's toll. So does being hunched over at a computer screen every day (both at work and at home.) I thought the lady who did the massage was great, and honestly, I love the smells of the oils they use (lavender? hibiscus? God's tears?) I received a complimentary iced tea at the end and while this wasn't the best part (the massage was, duh) it was a nice way to end the visit.

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