June 27, 2013

Strawberry And Banana Smoothie

The summer is the perfect time to whip up a quick and cool drink...and a fruit smoothie is just the right kind! Usually when I make smoothies at home, the consistency is never correct: it’s either too watery from the milk, too icy from the crushed ice, and I can never get the portions right when using Greek yogurt. Enter frozen bananas. They create a creamy consistency and blend well with any fruit you use. Also, if you’re lactose intolerant, it completely eliminates the need for dairy. For this smoothie, I kept the ingredients simple: fresh strawberries and bananas. No sugar was added, though I would suggest honey if you want that extra bit of sweetness. This took me all of ten minutes to prepare and blend.

4 medium sized strawberries
2 large bananas

Peel the bananas, cut in half, put in a Ziploc bag and freeze until hardened. I put them in before work and came home 9 hours later, but an hour or two should do. I also forgot to peel them and had to slice the peel off. So that was fun. Wash and cut the strawberries in half. Throw in a blender. Add more strawberries if you would like a stronger strawberry flavor. Pour into your favorite glass and garnish with a strawberry. I’m not well practiced in the art of the garnish, so I just sliced a leftover strawberry and hoped for the best.

This smoothie is also the perfect alternative to ice cream and it’s a lot healthier for you – two servings of fruit and it feels like a treat! A straw would also be really helpful, or you could drink straight from the glass. As evidenced with the unpeeled frozen bananas and lack of straws, I'm not very good with blog post preparations. But, this gives you the chance to use your imagination, so I'm actually doing you a really big favor.

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