July 25, 2013

Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar

On Tuesday night, I went straight from work into Yonkers where we then drove up into Rye to go to the Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar that is apart of Rye Playland. It's a small restaurant with a large patio and deck for outside dining and we got a table with a view of the Long Island Sound. The service was a little slow at first, but the waitress was really nice and accommodating when it started to rain. We stayed outside but tucked under one of the straw tiki umbrellas. I got a Cabo Fish Taco without the pico de gallo (not a fan of spicy) and the meal was huge - I could barely finish it. It was really good, especially with a dab of tarter sauce and I also indulged in a bit of baked potato. I thought the prices were a little inflated, but I guess you pay not only for the size of the meal, but also the pretty view and relaxed island atmosphere (the great company was free!) We had to run through the pouring rain/take a golf cart "shuttle" to get back to our car and pretty much became completely soaked - buh-bye nice pin straight hair.

Side note: Since I was on a double date, I thought it would have been tacky to whip out my phone and take a picture of my meal. So above is a picture of people clearly having a good time based off of their silhouettes in the setting sun.

Update: I didn't take this picture. I'm not cool with my camera like that. Yet.

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