July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: Six Flags Great Adventure

It's always so wonderful when there is only a four day work week. Here's what I did this past weekend:
  • After work on Thursday, I headed down to Union Square to help a friend unload some stuff for an event and then promptly headed home where I read some pages and went to sleep super early. Like grandma early. It was delectable.
  • I slept in Friday morning, bit the bullet and joined the NYSC gym that's right around my corner and then proceeded to not go to said gym and instead bake all afternoon. Makes sense, right? On the gym note though, let me tell you how a bit of research and a phone call asking for a better deal can do wonders. My health insurance covers my monthly fees if I make it to the gym 100 times in a 12 month period (so, uh, I do need to get my butt over there) and I asked if they could do anything about waiving the annual fee they charge in January since I'm joining more than half way through the year. They wouldn't waive the annual fee, but they did waive the initiation fee and so, I only have to pay the processing fee. Not too bad right?
  • And so, I proceeded to bake for the rest of the afternoon. 
  • I ate a quick dinner, got ready, and went over my friends house to stay over since Saturday we were going to Six Flags Great Adventure and it was going to be an early/long day. We hung out on the terrace and chit chatted. 
  • Sure enough, 6:30am rolled around and we were up and at 'em. After quickly getting ready (nothing like a low maintenance morning routine) we were at the bank, grabbed breakfast, and then on the road. We stopped at the first friends house which was near my high school, drove into New Jersey, stopped to pick up her boyfriend, and then we were off. We made it to the gates right when it opened at 10:30am and managed to hit Kingda Ka and Superman when the lines were still short. The third coaster was the new Green Lantern and then we needed to take a break because our brains were scrambled. We grabbed food, took it easy on the Log Flume and Runaway Mine Rollercaster and then traveled to the other side of the park, hitting Nitro, The Dark Knight and a few more other good ones. All the while getting ice cream and lemonade on the walks in between.My suggestion to anyone who goes to Theme Parks of any kind is to go early and get to the rides you really want to go to most/are most popular as the lines only get longer throughout the day. 
  • We left at 6pm and though there were tentative plans to go into Brooklyn, we were too tired an exhausted. The sun really takes it out of you (I slathered on sunscreen before we entered the park and left all my belonging in the car so we wouldn't have to pay for a rental locker. Not having a phone wasn't that bad as we made sure to stick together the whole time.) Once we got back into Westchester, we crashed and went right to sleep.
  • I got picked up on Sunday morning, did a quick last minute shopping trip to collect items to give to my friend for a birthday gift, and then went home to wrap everything up. Because it was my friend's birthday and there weren't any plans going on, I packed up pasta and bolgenese sauce (which my mom made) and drove to her apartment where we ate a small dinner, caught up, and she was able to unwrap her gift. 
And now, to a full work week

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