August 5, 2013


Where do I even begin? After months of anticipation, my friend and I wandered down to Barclays Center on Saturday evening to see Queen B. We've been talking about it since the tickets were purchased in November (pricey at $185, but well worth it) and it seems like the day would never come. Until it did. I won't lie, I feel like Beyonce been a bit overexposed these past few months, though I do believe that everything that is said about her is true - that she is an amazing performer and puts on one heck of a show - because that was exactly what we saw on Saturday.

My friend drove to my house late Saturday afternoon and we took a very long subway ride down into Brooklyn. The subway is a nightmare to begin with, but when there is construction on the weekends, it is even more so. We finally got off at the Atlantic-Barclays Center stop and wandered down 5th Avenue to find something to eat. Our first stop was off of 5th on Bergen Street, The Black Sheep Pub, where I got a gourmet burger (blue cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon) for $10 and two happy hour drinks for $8 (happy hour on a Saturday evening that lasts until 7pm? Yes, please!) Next, we went to Wolf and Deer, a swanky small place that has a very narrow bar, cheese and meat served on wooden plates, and small hardcover books that they attached their menus on the inside. I'll admit, I love this place, if not just for their drinks (I got a ginger ale and whiskey for $8,) but for their bibliophile-menu touch and decent prices.

Around 8:30, we walked back to Barclays Center - we skipped the opening act and waited until 9:20 when Beyonce came on. It wasn't until I was walking to my seat that the excitement fully sank in and she did not disappoint. From the moment she began until the moment she thanked everyone and left the stage, she was performing the entire time. All two hours. I love that she has an all female band, I loved when she went onto her second stage and was so close to where we were sitting, I loved that she let some of the audience members sing into the mic, and I just love how confident she is. I left feeling inspired and ready to tackle this weeks hip hop class (it's part of my gym membership, why not take advantage?)

Things I learned from the Beyonce concert:
  • Just because you are watching Beyonce kill it on stage, you cannot in fact, sing like Beyonce, let alone hit the high notes that Beyonce can hit. But you can try, which I did.
  • Just because you are watching Beyonce kill it on stage with her dancing, does not in fact mean that you can move it like Beyonce. But you can try, which I did.
  • You can wear crazy outfits to a Beyonce concert. I would judge you on the subway if you were in them, but not, in fact, when you are watching Beyonce..

You can see her full set list [here] Photo via my Instagram account.

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