August 1, 2013


Last night, we went up to New Rochelle to try out a new restaurant that a friend suggested, simply calling it "the new BBQ" place. It was sold at those three simple letters and after work, ventured up to RRQ. We had a hard time finding the place as it was tucked away behind an awkward turn, but we got seated right away and had a beautiful view of a parking lot, anchored boats, and a wee bit of water. The food was amazing – in leiu of bread at the beginning of the meal, they gave out corn muffins, the water glasses were mason jars (I’m a sucker for those things,) everything on the menu obviously consisted of BBQ, and was reasonably priced. I got a ½ rack of BBQ ribs, and two sides (sweet potato fries and mac and cheese) for $16 and a Blue Moon. The sweet potato fries were perfectly salted and the ribs were tender and delicious, slathered in their homemade BBQ sauce. I tried to be a lady and eat my ribs with a fork and knife, but it got to a point where I just dug in. I’m no lady. Next time, I would skip the mac and cheese – I’m fairly biased when it comes to mac and cheese (my mom’s is my favorite) so I found theirs to be mushy, bland, and covered in too much cheese. The company, as always, was top notch.

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