September 13, 2013

Big Booty Bread Co.

Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine was when I passed by this magnificent space of place, known as Big Booty Bread Co. I was walking with my dear friend to an art show opening and we literally did a double take, not only because of the enticing front window display, but because of the hilarious name. Despite the fact that we didn’t have dinner and that we would be a little late to the opening, we stopped in and indulged. I ordered the apple turnover, one of my favorite go-to bakery goods and it did not disappoint. At $2.95, it caught my eye despite being situated next to the red velvet cupcakes and extra chocolate fudge brownies – all good choices might I add, as they were what my friend noshed on and I was able to sample a bite. But back to the turnover – its flakey crust was sprinkled with enough sugary confection that it didn’t distract from but rather added to that very special turnover touch. Usually, I like to pick apart my turnovers and eat the crust and filling separately, which is what I did here for the most part, but when I took a bite of the whole thing, the flavors swirled and gave me goose bumps (not literally, but I did close my eyes to fully savor the taste). The apple filling can be the tricky part of a turnover as it can’t be too gooey or overly sweet - it needs just the right tartness from the apples, the right sweetness from the sugar, and the right consistency of a filling. This turnover embodied all that a turnover needs to be. Experience it for yourself.  

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