September 30, 2013

Burger Time

Date nights don't always have to be such an elegant affair. Though I enjoy dressing up and visiting new hotspots, I equally enjoy being dressed down in jeans and flannel, relaxing at local lowkey joints on a Sunday night. A new spot that opened up is called Burger Time, a hole in the wall place with a boutique-y exterior and a surprisingly urban interior with painted on brick walls and graffiti. The menu selection is overwhelmingly marvelous - they have so many creative and delicious sounding combinations of burgers. I can only vouch for what I tried - The Black and Bleu was delicious with bacon, bleu cheese and mayo; the Excalibur was a hamburger patty squished between two grilled cheese sandwiches which was really decadent and heavy. We split our burgers down the middle so we each had a half; I like his Excalibur, but I definitely enjoyed my Black and Bleu a lot better. The service was horrendous, but the food more than made up for it.

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