September 30, 2013

Global Citizens Festival

Kings of Leon
Alicia Keys
On Saturday, friends and I went to the Global Citizens Festival in Central Park. They spoke about issues regarding extreme poverty and their determination to completely eliminate it by 2030. You can read more information and sign up to be a Global citizen here. While the messages were interesting and inspiring, it was a really long afternoon and I was not prepared to stay standing for 5 and ½ hours.  I loved Kings of Leon, especially songs off their new album Mechanical Bull, Alicia Keys was great and looked incredible in her outfit, and John Mayor played one of my favorite songs ever - I almost peed myself with happiness and excitement. I left before Stevie Wonder; I wasn’t enough of a fan of his to endure standing for another 2-ish hours. After I left, I stopped by Farinella, a pizza heaven. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten in 8 hours or perhaps because it was just that dang good, but it was exactly what I needed. So they get a shout out here. Other after hour spots include: The Belfry, a swanky spot known for their pickle back shots (yuck) and Village Pour House, good for outdoor seating and drunk people watching.

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