September 27, 2013

Company, Crowd, Party

Rejoice, for today is the first day of the weekend. Yes, there is still approximately 5 hours and 5 minutes left of work to be done, but that won't let me down. We made it through this week, you guys. We. did. it.

This weekend I'm looking forward to:
Other things I'm looking forward to:
  • A class for making sugar peonies cake decorations [via Living Social]
  • Trying my hand at making pumpkin spice latte syrup
  • I finished reading Paris My Sweet last week and I'm inspired to go on my own personal bakery tour of New York. Then of course, I'm inspired to fly over to Paris for a few weeks (re: months) and go on a bakery tour there too
  • My new daytime television obsession (that is DVR'd and watched in the evening before bedtime) is The Chew. I can't get enough of it and it's now my new guilty obsession
  • This article reminds us how we can be happy by appreciating the simple pleasures in life and by finding the meaning in little things. 

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