October 17, 2013

Get Social

Oh hey, Joy the Baker. Sorry you're fuzzy!


Today, I attended my first ever blogger event and I left feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to "hit publish." There were so many wonderful bloggers in attendance, but my favorite part of the morning were the speeches made by Joy Wilson and Kendi Skeen. I have my own reasons for blogging (it’s a creative outlet plus I now have my own little nook on the big, bad internet) but these two ladies really inspired me to start blogging more, create more content, and enjoy the now. Kendi, in particular, really resonated the fact that we need to focus on the now instead of being swept up in wondering what’s next. It’s too easy to slip into that mindset - always wondering what will happen, what your next success will be, what the next step is. So for right now, I’m going to try enjoying what is happening right now in my life, despite the fact that I’m anxious to see where I end up, anxious to know if I’ll be happy and satisfied. Because technically, the now is forever.

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