October 3, 2013

Daily Snapshot: Ready To Tackle The Day

I've been feeling really productive lately. I'll always prefer writing down my appointments in my agenda book and crafting to-do lists from scratch, but the Reminder app on my iPhone has fast become a go-to tool. I still need to clean my perpetually messy room, I'm long, long, long overdue for a closet overhaul (tossing ratty old items, donating clothes that are still in good condition, and assessing what I need, and buying on a budget quality items for the upcoming seasons) as well as catching up on personal emails and balancing my checkbook*. But good things are coming this way and I'm ready to tackle them, one red inked crossed off item at a time.

*I've only written two checks in my life. But it sounded like the responsible, adult thing to say.

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