October 4, 2013

Enjoy Today

This week wasn't as slow as last week, so thank heavens for that. I finished both Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore and If I Stay. I just cracked open The Cuckoo's Calling and have a whole slew of other books waiting for me at home. The librarian literally laughed at me when I left the library holding a stack of 7 hardcover novels. He was skeptical that I would finish all of them before the three week rental period is up. He's right, of course. But that's what the renew button on my NYPL app is for. Silly librarian.

This weekend I'm visiting my little itty-bitty baby sister at school - turns out she's not so itty-bitty anymore. If you don't here from me come Monday, it's because I've hidden myself somewhere on her campus in the hopes that my parents leave for home without me and I'm stuck reliving life as a college freshman. There could be worse things.

Also, less than a month until Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden. Life is pretty good.

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