October 21, 2013


This was such an awesome weekend -  I booked it out to dinner on Friday evening and then went straight to our favorite dive bar. On Saturday, I had a lazy morning and then left for Princeton in the afternoon where we got to walk through several nature paths, visit the Princeton University athletic field, and walk around the little town. We ate dinner at George's Roasters and Ribs, which was the less expensive alternative to the famous Hoagie Haven, but we all agreed that while our sandwiches were delicious, we should have taken advantage of the cozy sit down restaurants on the other side of Nassau Street. Some places that caught my eye while we were passing them: Blue Point Grill, Main Street Bistro and Bar, and Triumph Brewing Company. Afterwards, we tucked into The Alchemist and Barrister for after dinner drinks and again, we all agreed we should have eaten dinner at this place. It was a cute restaurant tucked into a side street that was really big on the inside - we stayed in the back bar room that had a cozy feeling like a pub you would find in the English country side. I ordered the spiced hot apple cider which was delicious though strong and an Original Sin cider which was more bitter than I would have liked. After we walked through Palmer Square where we stopped at The Bent Spoon. I ordered the pumpkin mascarpone  and chocolate hazelnut gelato which was delicious and worth the crazy crowd. I'm sure the town will look even better around Christmas time with the snow and decorated shops, so maybe we'll take another gander down. It's always sad seeing your friend leave when you haven't seen them for a while, but we have our Ed Sheeran concert to look forward to so I've begun counting down the days to that weekend!

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